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Killer project was born as a dream, literally: in a certain period of time i was so wasted playing Dwarf Fortress that i began dreaming in ASCII.

4 months ago from now i had this idea and i started writing down notes, small things at first, something bigger,after.

The main problem in the beginning has been “How to start”.
After looking around a bit, i discovered libtcod , a library that could do the backbone, the main framework of my structure.

The problem was that it didn’t work on osx.
Today,i discovered that there is an up to date version of libtcod bindings for osx here ,  and thanks to a guy named magikmw  (found here : http://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=rgrd ),

i have libtcod running on my mac.

All i had to do was make the makefile in the relative folders, wich created a lot of libs.
i then put everything in a folder with a test file, and it run!

And this is the FIRST step of many that (hopefully) should come.

Let’s hope so.