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The Engine

As a follow up to my previous experiences ,when i approach a new library ,or development environment, i find useful to build a wrapper that allows me to make practice and also use the library in the way i want.

The core of this project should be an engine capable of handling the world in the most various ways possible, to do so i needed to start with assumptions and practices.

The assumptions

  • My first asumption is that the engine would work as a controller in a sort of MVC pattern.
  • The engine starts, and you can add “pages” to the engine handling system.
  • The engine shows one page at the time.
  • Each page could contain different consoles, each with its own size and position.

The segmentation fault

For some odd reason ,at seemingly random paces, the libtcod generated window doesn’t even start, causing a segmentation fault.
The only message i get is :

    key color : 0 0 0
    24bits greyscale font. converting to 32bits
    Segmentation fault

I need to look deeper for this problem , but still need to go forward with the engine to understand better libtcod and its python integration.

The name

Oh, i almost forgot: the name! a ship without a name brings bad luck, and therefore an engine too. If it becomes something, it will be called VanDyke.
Yes, like the actor.
The engine starts with the purpose of creating a noire,’50s (maybe) roguelike.
And I always thought that that guy would have been a fantastic detective.