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Today i’ve made a few progresses, and added some details.

I realized that the structure i created for the consoles and keyboard handlers didn’t work:

i can have in the same page different consoles, and different kind of inputs: for example in the main area the arrows could move the player, and in a side bar a menu could be used with the keys +/- .

Today i merged keyboard handlers from consoles. In this way more than one “receiver of input” can be active at the same time.

While working on it i made some changes to the scrollable gui as well: now there is a plain visual indicator that shows if there is the scrolling or not:

Scrolling arrows

For now, i didn’t put any style on them ,but as it can be seen, there are now arrows: a couple in the scrollable menu in the bottom left corner , and another one in the right side, where the textbox area is.

The nice thing about the text box is that it is initialized by a bunch of text, and depending on the position relative to the console, the text is fit on the area.
The result is that without any other configuration,or anything, the same element is wrapped automatically to the allowed area:

full text:

Full Text

text wrapping

Text Wrapping

more wrapping, and scrolling caused by the position

Wrapping and scrolling

I also started a map loading system.
But this is for another post.