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A small step for mankind, a giant leap for a man

Yesterday evening i was attempting my first map/background generation.

My idea was something like:

  1. i create a noise generator from a seed
  2. in a 2d Array i select random values for each tile
  3. i draw the “greyscaled” color of the random value.

Yeeaah! fantastic.

The problem was that the step 1 , on osx doesn’t work: the seed passed to is ALWAYS a wrong type.

Therefore today, strenghtened by 12 hours of sleep, i downloaded virtualbox , i downloaded an ubuntu iso , and started configuring my new environment.

At the moment, after some screen resolution problems ( solved by this  and this ) , i have a full working environment: i copied all the sources and once again ,thanks to magikmw (always found on the chat , here ) i had everything working.

With this change , i should have avoided all the problems related to libtcod under osx.
I’m not totally happy about this: it’s the first time i’m not achieving something with my cracked screen (yeah, literally) mac, but after all …who cares.

Next steps for me will be absolutely code-related:

first i have to understand if the way i’m writing stuff on screen is correct, and after that (probably in inverted order) i’ll have some more “map testing” .

I’d like to post a screenshot of the first noise (i think that calling it “map” is outrageous) i generated…. but to add absurd problems to my development experience… i can’t take screenshot of the terminal in virtualbox :|

Well, solved: magically it was because the 3d acceleration must be disabled to take screenshots ( … ) here’s the first test:

Noise generated with seed