Today i thought that i will need a progress bar that works in some way, so i decided to build another ui – widget.

At the moment it’s not customizable (colors, characters to use ,etc ). The only customizable thing now is the bar width.
But now i’m not in need of more than this.

Also: that’s more than enough now.

Progress bars

Progress bars

Well, it works, i can use it to show values different than 100 (like hps for example).

And that’s it.

Yesterday i went to dinner with a friend who’s also in the roguelike “environment” ,and we discussed a lot about my “killer” project (wich i havent written anything on this blog yet).
I am almost sure that to achieve my final objective, i must first create some smaller milestone which can be used as a test environment for the final project.

The way is longer than initially thought.