This small pause is to understand where i want to bring the project,and what to develop next.

I’m thinking about:

  1. building a bigger map
  2. handling the keyboard in a different way than common RLs

Building a bigger map

The first map test has been a big success for me, this is obviously the absolute first step of a longer path.

My final goal is to load a population density map + other maps , and build a town from it.
Something like this:

Density Map

Density Map

Useless to say that to be “realistic” the town mustn’t be 400 tiles wide.
And that’s a problem. I don’t want to hold in memory 4 gazillions of tiles, and at this moment a solution isn’t in view.

Therefore, before going forward with random map generations, and something similar, i decided to stop and think.

The keyboard “problem”

One of the things i don’t like about RLs is the enormous amount of “uncontrolled freedom” . wait before throwing things at me.

What i mean is: the fact that you have tons of actions / interactions is absolutely great. One of the enormous PROs in playing a RL.

The fact that you have to learn 30 keys to play is not.
It is nowaday common key binding , but to a newbie , the “common” keybinding is not easy enough.

I liked very much the Sil approach to the whole game: it has a very well done pdf manual, a tutorial where you can learn the basics. And that contributes to lower the difficulty curve, by almost erasing “key learning” experience.

This said, i’d like to create ,in the future , another approach to this “problem”: i want to generate the “common” keyobard binding , and offer also a contextual interaction list: let’s say you are near an enemy, the list could contain something like throw item,attack .

Near a merchant the list could be buy,sell.. and the same goes for the inventory:a common interaction with a certain item could be “drop,drink/eat, throw”, for another one “wield/equip, drop,use with…” .

If anyone reading this is the developer of a roguelike: please steal this idea.
I’m sure that many games i’ve tried got me bored because of the steepness of learning the keys,and i don’t want to lose fun games just for that.

Now, back to thinking.