In this period of time i’ve been abroad on a brief holiday, at work busy or doing daily life stuff that kept me away from coding.

I’ve been to stockholm, and while there , i decided my next dev step:
I will start by looking on how to create a heightmap of an isle, and then use that heightmap as a population density map to build the city.

I am still far from beginning the gameplay, but i think that the gameplay in Killer will be given in great part by the environment, therefore what the player will be able to do will work only if the world he is in is decent.

And surely for the moment, the world is far from decent.

In this week, the 7drl challenge started and endend, in the first days i’ve noticed a lot of good startings and good ideas that i liked.
Now,after a few days almost away from the web, i have no idea on what happened, and need to keep up again.


Time to sleep…